Owl power

they say in the local sanctuary
Owls are the stupidest creatures
All this wisdom business is
The mythological media at work
But the shortest nosing into books
Tells you even the mythic world
Is bamboozled by the creature – no
Two cultures being able to agree

The bird was cherished by minerva
Hebrews loathed it as unclean
Buddhists treasure its seclusion
Elsewhere night-hag evil omen

The baker’s daughter’s silly cry
Ungrateful chinese children
The precious life of genghis khan
Sweet fodder to the owl’s blink

In the end it’s the paradox
I’ll be what you want romantic fool
That scares elates about the owl
Sitting in the dark and seeing all

Not true not true the cynics say
The bloody fraudster’s almost blind
Dead lazy till its stomach rattles
Its skill is seeing with its ears

Ruthlessness stupidity
(transmogrified to wisdom)
Make the perfect pitch for power
So proofed – why give a hoot for gods

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Owl power