peaches exude this thrall –
Reminders of those luscious
Whereabouts that lips
Best find their precious sips
To cry let this be all

They lull so well endowed
With dreams of wanting flesh
Who can resist their touch
Not they who wishing much
Sigh o you do me proud

And yield in fruitful dreams
To the nectars of delight
That peaches bosom forth
(no better biter’s worth)
Or so the vision seems

Till age sends suckers out
To tease such juice away
And longing’s hardened crust
Admits a fraying trust
That o the joy’s run out

Believe that if you will –
Till death the sweetened flow
Haunts lips the peaches kissed
Embalms taste-buds so blessed
No timelessness can kill

Where peaches nestle – hopes
Cannot be pensioned off
They cluster down the ages
Drop softened onto pages
Libido fondly gropes

So peach (of all) impeaches
Yearnings that lose their lustre
Yet stir goodbyes to house
Remnants of lust’s carouse
(glow of the heart’s far reaches)

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