Gentlemen lift the sea

on a deformed request in a train lavatory

Gentlemen lift the sea
Be all of you the modern
Muscular mountains
Who with a scoop of biceptual crags
Swoop down for an armful of ocean
Leavening the dreadful pressures
On the valleys of lyonnesse

Gentlemen rape air with water
Let the submarine nose round the moon
And aeroplane astonished
Break wind in the vaults between
The antelope ecstatic on the ocean bed
And the constellations of live crabs

Gentlemen be men – in the locked
Compartment from the nagging
Economical head-shrinking
Function of the ladies
(for them such exhortation is irrelevant)
Dare the utmost of virility
Harness the power in your massive limbs
And when the universal waters flow
Gentlemen lift the sea

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Gentlemen lift the sea