The rest home

professor piebald
(the oldest man in the home) was meek
At the same time ribald
He clothed his matter (so to speak)
In latin and (was it) greek
It caused no great offence
To nobody did it make sense
To make a rude joke
In languages nobody spoke

Once he’d changed the word agenda
At a home’s committee meeting to pudenda
This sort of thing was tolerated by the other
Inmates (except his younger brother –
A dustman all his life
Who’d robbed the professor of his wife
And treated him now with disdainful anger
But to everyone piebald was a stranger)
Well agenda/pudenda hardly ranked as humour
But there was rumour
Piebald was said to have his eye on
Nelly (frail and pretty in a feathery fashion
The sort perhaps to rouse a meek man’s passion)
She wouldn’t talk to him without a tie on

One such occasion burst the bubble

/> He spoke (no tie on) she demurred
Refusing one further word
And so the trouble
Piebald went white all over
Muttered about being her lover
Then shouted in a rage
(nelly whispered be your age)
I – two headed janus –
Now pingo your anus
(less janus – i should have thought – than mars)
And pinched the dear frail lady on the arse
Who died a second then exploded
Swung a punch so loaded
Poor old piebald eared it to the floor
The other old ones in the room
(more excited now than when the flowers came out in bloom)
Were rushing pushing to the door

The brother stood across the fallen man
In total icy disdain
You academic lily-livered piss of a gnat
He hissed – and spat
Into the piebald twitching face
Drew back a pace
When wham – a seething body like a

flung cat
Lifted upwards into space

The younger brother was butted in the belly
(who staggered back hit head and made a dying fall
Leaving a small red zigzag down the wall)
Then this sizzling flesh-ball
Fell on fluttering nelly
Tore at her skirt
Ripped other clothes apart
Began kissing her fervently on her agenda
Te amo te amo te amo te amo
(repeating it as though
It was the finest latin phrase he’d learned by heart)
Crying abasing himself to her most wanted gender

She more dazed than hurt
Clutching the virgin fragments of her skirt
A simpering victim in the rising clamour
Old people now outraged beyond controlling
Through the swing doors pushing tumbling rolling
Armed with saucepans pokers knives
Playing the greatest game in all their lives
Attacked without compunction
The frenzied lover at his unction
A poker struck him once across the head
And professor piebald
Once meek but ribald
Dropped down undoubtedly dead

And even when the horror had subsided
And the arms of justice with their maker were abided
Nelly stood rocking in her room
Weeping for the heart-ache in her womb
That till then had hardly ever fluttered
And (only occasionally) muttered
If you have your eye on
Me – my dear man – put your tie on

The home itself was closed a few days after
The house is riddled still by ribald laughter

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The rest home