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On why it is necessary to talk kindly to frogs

i met a frog in my garden today
Lurking under a stone – it said
There used to be a pond here
I know i said i had to dig it up

Pity said the frog and looked at me
As if i was the thickest mortal
A garden without water it croaked
Is worse than a tongue without spit

There’s a pond next door i said
You could get there in two short hops
The frog eyed me with green contempt
Next door it said is not where we are

That night there was a full moon
It came and sat on my hedge
There used to be a frog here it said
What have you done to upset it

I hate frogs that talk i complained
Moon eyed me with silver contempt
You can’t treat frogs like that – repent
I beg you or you’ll end up cursed

It tipped backwards off the hedge
And plopped into next door’s pond
Such a cackle of frog’s song then
Moon shone brightly in the water

No frog came back to the stone
Moon stayed away from my garden
So (guiltily) i built a pond –
Something keeps draining the water

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Poem On why it is necessary to talk kindly to frogs - Rg Gregory