Damsel flies

certain creatures it seems are never seen
Straight on – they occupy the corner of the eye
Once sensed (a second look) they’re gone
The damsel even more so than the dragon-fly

She’s a tough cookie for all her slender flutters
Huge eyes strong jaws belie her evanescence
The kind of female to leave love’s lisps in tatters
Don’t get sucked in by her immaculate pretence

If she’s a she – she’s there not there so quickly
No time to check – a female whisper or in drag
Mosquitoes daren’t treat such presence slackly
A wispy whoosh – the poor sods are in the bag

Satan’s emissaries (the devil’s darning needles)
Mischief makers – tell lies they stitch you lip to lip
They’re elusive (haunting) as the best of riddles
Forcing you to sense the eternal as a blip

Illusion change – stuff timelessness is made of
Beauty allure – life’s compulsive invitations
What’s wanted’s lost – it’s always on the move
The damsel fly enraptures such predations

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Damsel flies