Sam swill

sam swill
Took a pill
Went blue
Ate stew
Had pains
No brains
Sucked a date
Too late
Swallowed stone
All alone
Too proud
To cry aloud
Scoffed cake
Great ache
At work
Went beserk
In a funk
Did a bunk
Hitch hike
Stole a bike
Empty car
Not too far
Flat tyre
On fire
Skid swerve
Lost his nerve
Bang crash
Frantic dash
Turned bend
Pond at end
Police whistle
Fall on thistle
Jump in air
Pond there
Shocked scream
Can’t swim
Hold breath
Certain death
Police leap
Foot deep
Soaking wet
Vow they’ll get
Sam swill
Off up hill
Put in prison
Doesn’t listen
Wooded park
Hide till dark
Cold and damp
Sees tramp
Teasing goat
Steals coat
Ten bob note
Leaps with glee

Old tree stump
Painful lump
Limps to town
Knocked down
World spins
Jabbing pins
Dark wins
Vague voices
Harsh noises
Throbbing head
In bed
Swaying forms
Bees in swarms
Sweet breath
Not death
Opens eyes
Tries to rise
Four police
Won’t release
Mustn’t curse
Pretty nurse
Sobs sighs
Closes eyes
Bones ache
Thinks back
One pill
Made him ill
Bad stew
Made him chew
Date stone
This in turn
Made him take
Too much cake
All combined
Wrecked mind
Such undoing
Led to ruin
Learn well
From sam swill
Pill and stew
Won’t do
Date and cake
Don’t make
For good digestion
One reflection
A pretty nurse
You could do worse

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Sam swill