The eyes that haunt me

there are eyes that refuse to exist
In the fresh air – they are invented
By the lies of paint or make their mark
In a memory that had a truth
To feed on but only by distortion

Right now they sell a dream
I’d like to see the back of – they come
With a whole body rippling me apart
Disturbing me with echoes of a flesh
So many layers down the light derides it

Why can’t i grasp it now
This love’s reverberation of a sound
That tunes me deeper than my marrow
But runs from me when wanted to be real
(today’s a dried pool whispering of an ocean)

The eyes (unreal or not) persist
Life is at base such unreality – it stirs
Surfaces through pretences who i am
Each a wash of wish (its listless traces
The febrile flickings of a tight core’s ends)

I’m struggling now for safety
Want something from these diadems
This old light scores in me – these eyes
Cradling me as i look through them
(won’t let me go and i can’t let them)

Beyond love they cup aloneness
They’re your eyes but my at-one-ment
(more to sing of than i can fathom)
Sensing them calmly’s the ripest pain
These eyes so poignant they daren’t exist

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The eyes that haunt me