To the seaside

to the seaside
To the seaside
To the change and peace of mind
To the easy la-
Zy holiday
The leave-it-all-behind

To the seaside
To the sunshine
To the body-littered sands
To the deckchairs
And the funfairs
And the burst-your-ears brass bands

To the ice-cream
To the wasp-stings
To the sand-in-every-meal
To the castles
And the donkeys
And the plates of jellied eel

To the bosoms
And the bottoms
To the bodies-in-the-raw
To the he-men
And the paunches
To the what-the-butler-saw

(to the catch-my-eye
The hold-me-tight
The kiss-me-in-the-park
To the will-you
To the bathing-in-the-dark)

To the landladies
And gloomy rooms
And out-of-here-by-ten
To the drizzle
And the boredom
And the going-round-the-bend

To the blisters
And the crying kids
The peeling aching backs
To the god-i-wish-

To the getting-on
The train again
The joy of going home
To the roses
In the garden
And the being-left-alone

To the no-food-
And the not-an-open-shop
To the ashes
In the fireplace
And the week-old washing up

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To the seaside