After the parties

let’s all go to the party friends
Where left over bottles and stale fag-ends
Are proudly on offer from the last time round
And our hosts believe by a ritual sound
Fine spirits will flow and new cellophane wrappers
Will tingle the fingers of eligible clappers

Let’s all ignite at the party friends
And burn with the best of the latest trends
Which prove that the world is a running sore
Whose plight can’t be laid at this party’s door
So let us look deep in our empty glasses
And puff short of breath at the weaker classes
Whose salvation must lie in a further imbibing
Of the rush of hot air this party’s prescribing

Let’s all depart from the party friends
And seek other ways of making amends
For the mess that we’re all in up to our noses
Let’s kick the conviction the party is moses
With tablets worth taking for any condition
While the world holds its breath for the big collision
Let’s kick off the hangovers all parties swear
Is part of the bargain f or breathing free air
And dare to be lost and risk being found
In the springs that are cracking the crust of dead ground

And when we’re all shot of the parties friends
Maybe then odd beginnings will perk up from dead ends

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After the parties