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O Sacred Providence, who from end to end Strongly and sweetly movest! shall I write, And not of thee, through […]

Employment (I)

If as a flower doth spread and die, Thou wouldst extend me to some good, Before I were by frost’s […]


Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave, Let me once know. I sought thee in a secret cave, […]

Praise (I)

To write a verse or two is all the praise That I can raise: Mend my estate in any ways, […]

Love (I)

Immortal love, authour of this great frame, Sprung from that beautie which can never fade; How hath man parcel’d out […]

The Temper (II)

It cannot be. Where is that mighty joy, Which just now took up all my heart? Lord, if thou must […]

The World

Love built a stately house, where Fortune came, And spinning fancies, she was heard to say That her fine cobwebs […]


Having been tenant long to a rich lord, Not thriving, I resolved to be bold, And make a suit unto […]


My God, I heard this day, That none doth build a stately habitation, But he that means to dwell therein. […]


Lord, I confess my sin is great; Great is my sin. Oh! gently treat With thy quick flow’r, thy momentany […]

The Sacrifice

Oh all ye, who pass by, whose eyes and mind To worldly things are sharp, but to me blind; To […]

Antiphon (I)

Chorus: Let all the world in ev’ry corner sing ‘My God and King.’ Verse: The heav’ns are not too high, […]

The Temper

How should I praise thee, Lord! how should my rhymes Gladly engrave thy love in steel, If what my soul […]


Prayer the Churches banquet, Angels age, Gods breath in man returning to his birth, The soul in paraphrase, heart in […]


Ah, my dear angry Lord, Since thou dost love, yet strike; Cast down, yet help afford; Sure I will do […]

The Thanksgiving

Oh King of grief! (a title strange, yet true, To thee of all kings only due) Oh King of wounds! […]

The H. Communion

Not in rich furniture, or fine array, Nor in a wedge of gold, Thou, who from me wast sold, To […]


Blest be the God of love, Who gave me eyes, and light, and power this day, Both to be busy, […]


I made a posie, while the day ran by: Here will I smell my remnant out, and tie My life […]

Vanity (I)

The fleet astronomer can bore And thread the spheres with his quick-piercing mind: He views theirs stations, walks from door […]

The Pulley

When God at first made man, Having a glass of blessings standing by, Let us (said He) pour on him […]

A Wreath

A wreathed garland of deserved praise, Of praise deserved, unto thee I give, I give to thee, who knowest all […]

Church Music

Sweetest of sweets, I thank you: when displeasure Did through my body wound my mind, You took me thence, and […]


Listen sweet Dove unto my song, And spread thy golden wings in me; Hatching my tender heart so long, Till […]

The Pearl

The Kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, Seeking goodly pearls; who, when he had found one, Sold […]


My stock lies dead and no increase Doth my dull husbandry improve: O let thy graces without cease Drop from […]

Clasping of Hands

LORD, Thou art mine, and I am Thine, If mine I am; and Thine much more Then I or ought […]

H. Baptism

As he that sees a dark and shady grove, Stays not, but looks beyond it on the sky; So when […]

Sin’s Round

Sorry I am, my God, sorry I am, That my offences course it in a ring. My thoughts are working […]

Sonnet (II)

Sure Lord, there is enough in thee to dry Oceans of Ink ; for, as the Deluge did Cover the […]

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