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Beautiful Edinburgh

Beautiful city of Edinburgh, most wonderful to be seen, With your ancient palace of Holyrood and Queen’s Park Green, And […]

Loch Leven

Beautiful Loch Leven, near by Kinross For a good day’s fishing the angler is seldom at a loss, For the […]

The Battle of Bannockburn

Sir Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn Beat the English in every wheel and turn, And made them fly in great […]

A Tribute to Dr. Murison

Success to the good and skilful Dr Murison, For golden opinions he has won From his patients one and all, […]

Bonnie Callander

Chorus Bonnie Helen, will you go to Callander with me And gaze upon its beauties and romantic scenery Dear Helen, […]

John Rouat the Fisherman

Margaret Simpson was the daughter of humble parents in the county of Ayr, With a comely figure, and face of […]

The Demon Drink

Oh, thou demon Drink, thou fell destroyer; Thou curse of society, and its greatest annoyer. What hast thou done to […]

The Sprig of Moss

There lived in Munich a poor, weakly youth, But for the exact date, I cannot vouch for the truth, And […]

The Downfall of Delhi

‘Twas in the year of 1857 and on the 14th of September That the Sepoy rebels at Delhi were forced […]

Beautiful Balmerino

Beautiful Balmermo on the bonnie banks of Tay, It’s a very bonnie spot in the months of June or May; […]

The First Grenadier of France

‘Twas in a certain regiment of French Grenadiers, A touching and beautiful custom was observed many years; Which was meant […]

The Battle of Alma

‘Twas on the heights of Alma the battle began. But the Russians turned and fled every man; Because Sir Colin […]

Bill Bowls the Sailor

‘Twas about the beginning of the present century, Bill Bowls was pressed, and sent to sea; And conveyed on board […]

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