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One monotonous day is followed By another monotonous, identical day. The same Things will happen, they will happen again The […]

One Of Their Gods

When one of them passed through the market place Of Seleucia, toward the hour that night falls As a tall […]


It goes on being Alexandria still. Just walk a bit Along the straight road that ends at the Hippodrome And […]

So Much I Gazed

So much I gazed on beauty, That my vision is replete with it. Contours of the body. Red lips. Voluptuous […]

In Church

I love the church: its labara, Its silver vessels, its candleholders, The lights, the ikons, the pulpit. Whenever I go […]

Priest At The Serapeum

My dear old father, Who always loved me the same; My dear old father I lament Who died the day […]

The Bandaged Shoulder

He said that he had hurt himself on a wall or that he had fallen. But there was probably another […]

Of The Shop

He wrapped them carefully, neatly In costly green silk. Roses of ruby, lilies of pearl, Violets of amethyst. As he […]

He Came To Read

He came to read. Two or three books Are open; historians and poets. But he only read for ten minutes, […]

Nero’s Term

Nero was not worried when he heard The prophecy of the Delphic Oracle. “Let him fear the seventy three years.” […]


On an ebony bed decorated With coral eagles, sound asleep lies Nero unconscious, quiet, and blissful; Thriving in the vigor […]


The sea took a sailor to its depths. His mother, unsuspecting, goes and lights A tall candle before the Virgin […]

Anna Dalassené

In the golden bull that Alexios Comnenos issued To prominently honor his mother, The very sagacious Lady Anna DalassenĂ©- Distinguished […]


The Poseidonians forgot the Greek language After so many centuries of mingling With Tyrrhenians, Latins, and other foreigners. The only […]


Return often and take me, Beloved sensation, return and take me When the memory of the body awakens, And an […]


Amid fear and suspicions, With agitated mind and frightened eyes, We melt and plan how to act To avoid the […]

The God Abandons Antony

When suddenly, at midnight, you hear An invisible procession going by With exquisite music, voices, Don’t mourn your luck that’s […]

I Went

I did not restrain myself. I let go entirely and went. To the pleasures that were half real And half […]


Honor to those who in the life they lead Define and guard a Thermopylae. Never betraying what is right, Consistent […]

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