English poetry

Poems in English


You want to know how I spend my time? I walk the front lawn, pretending To be weeding. You ought […]


A child draws the outline of a body. She draws what she can, but it is white all through, She […]


There was an apple tree in the yard This would have been Forty years ago behind, Only meadows. Drifts Of […]

The Wish

Remember that time you made the wish? I make a lot of wishes. The time I lied to you About […]

Parable Of Faith

Now, in twilight, on the palace steps The king asks forgiveness of his lady. He is not Duplicitous; he has […]

Parable Of The Dove

A dove lived in a village. When it opened its mouth Sweetness came out, sound Like a silver light around […]


My mother’s playing cards with my aunt, Spite and Malice, the family pastime, the game My grandmother taught all her […]


I became a criminal when I fell in love. Before that I was a waitress. I didn’t want to go […]