English poetry

Poems in English

Plutonian Ode

I What new element before us unborn in nature? Is there a new thing under the Sun? At last inquisitive […]

Sunflower Sutra

I walked on the banks of the tincan banana dock and sat down under the huge shade of a Southern […]

Five A. M

Elan that lifts me above the clouds Into pure space, timeless, yea eternal Breath transmuted into words Transmuted back to […]


America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing. America two dollars and twentyseven cents January 17, 1956. I can’t […]

War Profit Litany

To Ezra Pound These are the names of the companies that have made money from this war Nineteenhundredsixtyeight Annodomini fourthousand […]

Crossing Nation

Under silver wing San Francisco’s towers sprouting thru thin gas clouds, Tamalpais black-breasted above Pacific azure Berkeley hills pine-covered below […]

A Supermarket In California

What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whit – Man, for I walked down the sidestreets under the trees […]

Hum Bom!

I Whom bomb? We bomb them! Whom bomb? We bomb them! Whom bomb? We bomb them! Whom bomb? We bomb […]

A Western Ballad

When I died, love, when I died My heart was broken in your care; I never suffered love so fair […]

An Eastern Ballad

I speak of love that comes to mind: The moon is faithful, although blind; She moves in thought she cannot […]


Homage Kenneth Koch If I were doing my Laundry I’d wash my dirty Iran I’d throw in my United States, […]

A Desolation

Now mind is clear As a cloudless sky. Time then to make a Home in wilderness. What have I done […]

An Asphodel

O dear sweet rosy unattainable desire …how sad, no way to change the mad Cultivated asphodel, the visible reality… And […]

Feb. 29, 1958

Last nite I dreamed of T. S. Eliot Welcoming me to the land of dream Sofas couches fog in England […]

Wild Orphan

Blandly mother Takes him strolling by railroad and by river he’s the son of the absconded hot rod angel And […]