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Poems in English

Operation Memory

We were smoking some of this knockout weed when Operation Memory was announced. To his separate bed Each soldier went, […]

April 24

Did you know that Evian spelled backwards is naive? I myself was unaware of this fact until last Tuesday night […]

To The Author Of Glare

There comes a time when the story turns into twenty Different stories and soon after that he academy of shadows […]

March 1

I could stare for hours At her, the woman stepping Out of her bath, breasts Bare, towel around her waist, […]

January 1

Some people confuse inspiration with lightning Not me I know it comes from the lungs and air You breathe it […]

March 30

Eighty-one degrees a record high for the day Which is not my birthday but will do until The eleventh of […]

To William Holden

(July 15) We know who The guards are In those POW Movies with brutal But easy to Fool fat Germans […]

October 16

What can you say about the Mets Down three games to none One run down with six outs to go […]

May 26

In Rotterdam I’m Going to speak about The state of poetry On a panel with a Pole And a Turk. […]

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