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The Left Bank

Don’t walk away, Renee, I’m just getting warmed up Your body is like a river And I’m going to swim […]

April 26

When my father Said mein Fehler I thought it meant “I’m a failure” Which was my error Which is what […]

June 6

No two are identical though They begin from the same Point in time the same point in The dream when […]

The Lift

The wonderful thing About being with You in this hotel Lift in London full Of people is that none Of […]

Ode To Pornography

If you could write down the words Moving through a man’s mind as He masturbates you’d have a quick Bonus […]

Big Hair

Ithaca, October 1993: Jorie went on a lingerie Tear, wanting to look like a moll In a Chandler novel. Dinner, […]

Wittgenstein’s Ladder

“My propositions serve as elucidations in the following way: anyone who understands them eventually recognizes them as nonsensical, when he […]

A Quick One Before I Go

There comes a time in every man’s life When he thinks: I have never had a single Original thought in […]

When A Woman Loves A Man

When she says Margarita she means Daiquiri. When she says quixotic she means mercurial. And when she says, “I’ll never […]

December 25

Christmas defeated Chanukah Once again last night By a margin of three billion dollars Or so, but every time I […]

January 3

The shrink says, “Everything depends On how many stuffed animals you had As a boy,” and my mother tells me […]

Tenth Commandment

The woman said yes she would go to Australia with him Unless he heard wrong and she said Argentina Where […]

November 6

Remember when Khrushchev said “We will bury you!” On the cover Of Time I thought he was Employing a metaphor […]

May 8

700 francs will get you $109.91 On this muggy May afternoon Which is good to know since I just found […]

February 23

Light rain is falling in Central Park But not on Upper Fifth Avenue or Central Park West Where sun and […]

The Shield Of A Greeting

for J. A., December 3, 1975 Ashes that survive the aftermath of fire Bury the past bravely, retaining Only those […]


for Aaron Fogel Politically-correct Personal computers Point and click. President Clinton (codename Peacock) Can’t protect Crack pushing Communist Party Cops […]

Shake The Superflux!

I like walking on streets as black and wet as this one Now, at two in the solemnly musical morning, […]

April 19

We have too much exhibitionism And not enough voyeurism In poetry we have plenty of bass And not enough treble, […]

The Gift

“He gave her class. She gave him sex.” Katharine Hepburn on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers He gave her money. […]

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