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August 15

My new Web site is dropdead. com It’s interactive you get to choose how You’ll die, where, and at what […]


What I propose is not Marxism, which is not dead yet in the English department, Not maximalism, which was a […]

July 12

Wisteria, hysteria is as obvious a rhyme As Viagra and Niagara there must be a reason Honeymooners traditionally went to […]

A Little History

Some people find out they are Jews. They can’t believe it. Thy had always hated Jews. As children they had […]


for Jim Cummins In Iowa, Jim dreamed that Della Street was Anne Sexton’s Twin. Dave drew a comic strip called […]

July 10

The sky was a midnight blue Velvet cloth draping A birdcage and no moon But the breeze was whistling And […]

To Psyche

The longer I stare the lovelier You look in my eyes (so made such Mirrors and spies) and I’m not […]