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October 12

My bag was missing at the airport
“Just one bag?” “Yes, but it meant a lot to me”
I had seen the bartender before, but where?
“You didn’t tell me you had been to Oxford”
“Yes, I was at Magdalen College for two years”
“What did you do there?” “Drugs.”
“Did you know that in Hindi the same word
(kal, pronounced ‘kull’) means both
Yesterday and tomorrow?” “You don’t say.
What’ll you have?” “Bombay Martini straight up,
With olives, very dry and very cold.” “I like
A man who knows what he wants” “Well, I’ll
Tell you. She was a handsome, self-assured woman,
A practicing physician, 48, bright, in great shape,
Played tennis every Friday night,
Didn’t drink, smoke, or take drugs,
And was looking for a Romeo with brains.
So naturally I didn’t phone her”

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Poem October 12 - David Lehman