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May 8

700 francs will get you $109.91
On this muggy May afternoon
Which is good to know since
I just found 700 francs in my wallet
While Dinah Washington was singing
“My Old Flame” I was thinking of where
I was with Glen when Allen Ginsberg died
And if I could relax for one hour
If I knew what that felt like
It would seem like a very long time to me
So I’ll have to settle for the next best thing
Warm rain on a cool May evening
On Charles Street, turn left on West 4th,
Cross Sixth and turn right on MacDougal
Quick: make a sentence that has Spike Lee
Son of Sam and Leonardo di Caprio in it
Bob Dole says Viagra is a great drug
That’s the news, the weather I’ve already
Given you, and then I want to go
Into the bedroom and find your naked body
In my bed you’ve stayed up waiting for me
And I’m going to make it worth your while

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Poem May 8 - David Lehman