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A Quick One Before I Go

There comes a time in every man’s life
When he thinks: I have never had a single
Original thought in my life
Including this one & therefore I shall
Eliminate all ideas from my poems
Which shall consist of cats, rice, rain
Baseball cards, fire escapes, hanging plants
Red brick houses where I shall give up booze
And organized religion even if it means
Despair is a logical possibility that can’t
Be disproved I shall concentrate on the five
Senses and what they half perceive and half
Create, the green street signs with white
Letters on them the body next to mine
Asleep while I think these thoughts
That I want to eliminate like nostalgia
0 was there ever a man who felt as I do
Like a pronoun out of step with all the other
Floating signifiers no things but in words
An orange T-shirt a lime green awning

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Poem A Quick One Before I Go - David Lehman