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To The Author Of Glare

There comes a time when the story turns into twenty
Different stories and soon after that he academy of shadows
Retreats to the cave of a solitary boy in a thriving

Metropolis where no one remembers the original story
Whic is, of course, a sign of its great success: to be forgotten
Implies you were once known, and that is something we

Can prize more than the gesture greater than the achievement:
But I wander from the main point: the main point is one
Among many fine dots so fine you need a microscope to see them

But then they multiply like germs: the work of the deepest cells
Is ergonomically incorrect, but effective nevertheless, like
My footprints in the snow leading to you, wou would be my father

If this were a dream and I on the verge of waking up somewhere
Other than home: but the hours remain ours, though they
Were gone almost as soon as they arrived, hat and coat in hand.

[Glare is a book of poetry by A. R. Ammons.]

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Poem To The Author Of Glare - David Lehman