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March 30

Eighty-one degrees a record high for the day
Which is not my birthday but will do until
The eleventh of June comes around and I know
What I want: a wide-brimmed Panama hat
With a tan hatband, a walk in the park
And to share a shower with a zaftig beauty
Who lost her Bronx accent in Bronxville
And now wants me to give her back her virginity
So she slinks into my office and sits on the desk
And I, to describe her posture and pose,
Will trade my Blake (the lineaments of a gratified
Desire) for your Herrick (the liquefaction of
Her clothes) though it isn’t my birthday and
We’re not still in college it’s just a cup of coffee
And a joint the hottest thirtieth of March I’ve ever

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Poem March 30 - David Lehman