English poetry

Poems in English

Just keep dancing

lost in a mirror Star dreams On a night stage. Before Broken songs I just continue To dance While My […]


at seventeen Was i, So old So young. And It was there I first met war. I saw their broken […]

Long highway blues

highway dancing During a long day Of running My thumb, Carrying me nowhere Grew tired, A sunset and beauty Carved […]

Her south china sea eyes

young girl With her south china sea Eyes Where an ocean wind Sighs Stands as she tries. In the silence […]


water for dance Shadows last. Walk the paris streets, Slow. Sweet rain, All their eyes linger Within my soul, Evening. […]

Sail on

sail on, When the sun is gone When the wind rises Off a river slow When you hear no more […]

Cry your dreams

cry your dreams Child, Cry silent your screams As Still again, Those masters of war Face our souls And try […]

Cold cold world

in the night The deep deep night Do i dance Where mirror images Are lost within I bleed across The […]


nowhere left to go Standing, At the crossroads Just a man. Searching the sand For his fingerprints, Lost So long […]


carry the roads, Move along. A song Wears A long winter wind And i Reasons to believe Seasons to run, […]

The butterfly and the rose

i walk the dream Where the street Breathes in the shadow Of moon-light, The lovers night. Oh, sweet love Long […]