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Balada Amarilla IV

Sobre el cielo De las margaritas ando. Yo imagino esta tarde Que soy santo. Me pusieron la luna En las […]

Romance Sonбmbulo

Green, how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches. The ship out on the sea And the horse on […]

The Faithless Wife

So I took her to the river Believing she was a maiden, But she already had a husband. It was […]

Before the Dawn

But like love The archers Are blind Upon the green night, The piercing saetas Leave traces of warm Lily. The […]


The night soaks itself Along the shore of the river And in Lolita’s breasts The branches die of love. The […]

The Little Mute Boy

The litle boy was looking for his voice. (The King of the crickets had it.) In a drop of water […]

Fare Well

If I die, Leave the balcony open. The little boy is eating oranges. (From my balcony I can see him.) […]


Largo espectro de plata conmovida El viento de la noche suspirando, Abriу con mano gris mi vieja herida Y se […]

Muriу Al Amanecer

Noche de cuatro lunas Y un solo бrbol, Con una sola sombra Y un solo pбjaro. Busco en mi carne […]

Gacela of Unforseen Love

No one understood the perfume Of the dark magnolia of your womb. Nobody knew that you tormented A hummingbird of […]

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