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Three and thirty birds there stood In an elder in a wood; Called Melmillo flew off three, Leaving thirty in […]

Nicholas Nye

Thistle and darnell and dock grew there, And a bush, in the corner, of may, On the orchard wall I […]


Slowly, silently, now the moon Walks the night in her silver shoon; This way, and that, she peers, and sees […]


The last of last words spoken is, Good-bye – The last dismantled flower in the weed-grown hedge, The last thin […]

The Song Of Shadows

“Sweep thy faint strings, Musician, With thy long lean hand; Downward the starry tapers burn, Sinks soft the waning sand; […]


Wide are the meadows of night, And daisies are shinng there, Tossing their lovely dews, Lustrous and fair; And through […]

The Widow

Grief hath pacified her face; Even hope might share so still a place; Yet, on the silence of her heart, […]

Full Moon

One night as Dick lay half asleep, Into his drowsy eyes A great still light began to creep From out […]

The Spirit of Air

Coral and clear emerald, And amber from the sea, Lilac-coloured amethyst, Chalcedony; The lovely Spirit of Air Floats on a […]


Ever, ever Stir and shiver The reeds and rushes By the river: Ever, ever, As if in dream, The lone […]

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