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The Sleeper

As Ann came in one summer’s day, She felt that she must creep, So silent was the clear cool house, […]


If I were Lord of Tartary, Myself, and me alone, My bed should be of ivory, Of beaten gold my […]

Sunk Lyonesse

In sea-cold Lyonesse, When the Sabbath eve shafts down On the roofs, walls, belfries Of the foundered town, The Nereids […]


When music sounds, gone is the earth I know, And all her lovely things even lovelier grow; Her flowers in […]


There is wind where the rose was, Cold rain where sweet grass was, And clouds like sheep Stream o’er the […]

Old Susan

When Susan’s work was done, she’d sit With one fat guttering candle lit, And window opened wide to win The […]

A Song of Enchantment

A song of Enchantment I sang me there, In a green-green wood, by waters fair, Just as the words came […]

The Keys of Morning

While at her bedroom window once, Learning her task for school, Little Louisa lonely sat In the morning clear and […]

Fare Well

When I lie where shades of darkness Shall no more assail mine eyes, Nor the rain make lamentation When the […]


“Once…Once upon a time…” Over and over again, Martha would tell us her stories, In the hazel glen. Hers were […]


Far are the shades of Arabia, Where the Princes ride at noon, ‘Mid the verdurous vales and thickets, Under the […]

The Scribe

What lovely things Thy hand hath made: The smooth-plumed bird In its emerald shade, The seed of the grass, The […]


Said Mr. Smith, “I really cannot Tell you, Dr. Jones- The most peculiar pain I’m in- I think it’s in […]

The Fool Rings His Bells

Come, Death, I’d have a word with thee; And thou, poor Innocency; And Love a lad with broken wing; Apnd […]

The Listeners

“Is there anybody there?” said the Traveller, Knocking on the moonlit door; And his horse in the silence champed the […]

Miss Loo

When thin-strewn memory I look through, I see most clearly poor Miss Loo, Her tabby cat, her cage of birds, […]

The Ghost

Peace in thy hands, Peace in thine eyes, Peace on thy brow; Flower of a moment in the eternal hour, […]


No breath of wind, No gleam of sun – Still the white snow Whirls softly down Twig and bough And […]

All That’s Past

Very old are the woods; And the buds that break Out of the brier’s boughs, When March winds wake, So […]

The Huntsmen

Three jolly gentlemen, In coats of red, Rode their horses Up to bed. Three jolly gentlemen Snored till morn, Their […]

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