English poetry

Poems in English

Southern Mansion

Poplars are standing there still as death And ghosts of dead men Meet their ladies walking Two by two beneath […]

God Give to Men

God give the yellow man An easy breeze at blossom time. Grant his eager, slanting eyes to cover Every land […]

Length of Moon

Then the golden hour Will tick its last And the flame will go down in the flower. A briefer length […]

The Day-Breakers

We are not come to wage a strife With swords upon this hill, It is not wise to waste the […]

Nocturne of the Wharves

All night they whine upon their ropes and boom Against the dock with helpless prows: These little ships that are […]


After the cloud embankments, The lamentation of wind And the starry descent into time, We came to the flashing waters […]