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A Song of Travel

Where’s the lamp that Hero lit Once to call Leander home? Equal Time hath shovelled it ‘Neath the wrack of […]

The Two-Sided Man

Much I owe to the Lands that grew More to the Lives that fed But most to Allah Who gave […]

A Carol

Our Lord Who did the Ox command To kneel to Judah’s King, He binds His frost upon the land To […]


If any God should say, “I will restore The world her yesterday Whole as before My Judgment blasted it” who […]

With Scindia to Delphi

More than a hundred years ago, in a great battle fought near Delhi, An Indian Prince rode fifty miles after […]

Song of the Red War-Boat

Shove off from the wharf-edge! Steady! Watch for a smooth! Give way! If she feels the lop already She’ll stand […]

The Song of the Old Guard

Army Reform-.After Boer war “The Army of a Dream”-Traffics and Discoveries. Know this, my brethren, Heaven is clear And all […]

The Return

Peace is declared, and I return To ‘Ackneystadt, but not the same; Things ‘ave transpired which made me learn The […]

For All We Have And Are

For all we have and are, For all our children’s fate, Stand up and take the war. The Hun is […]

Army Headquarters

Ahasuerus Jenkins of the “Operatic Own,” Was dowered with a tenor voice of super-Santley tone. His views on equitation were, […]

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