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We’re foot slog slog slog sloggin’ over Africa Foot foot foot foot sloggin’ over Africa (Boots boots boots boots movin’ […]

The Comforters

Until thy feet have trod the Road Advise not wayside folk, Nor till thy back has borne the Load Break […]


Smokin’ my pipe on the mountings, sniffin’ the mornin’ cool, I walks in my old brown gaiters along o’ my […]

A Ballad of Burial

(“Saint Proxed’s ever was the Church for peace”) If down here I chance to die, Solemnly I beg you take […]


A. D. 980-1016 It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation To call upon a neighbour and […]

A Nativity

1914-18 The Babe was laid in the Manger Between the gentle kine All safe from cold and danger “But it […]

An Imperial Rescript

Now this is the tale of the Council the German Kaiser decreed, To ease the strong of their burden, to […]

The White Man’s Burden

Take up the White man’s burden Send forth the best ye breed Go bind your sons to exile To serve […]

To the Unknown Goddess

Will you conquer my heart with your beauty; my sould going out from afar? Shall I fall to your hand […]

The Gipsy Trail

The white moth to the closing bine, The bee to the opened clover, And the gipsy blood to the gipsy […]

The Derelict

And reports the derelict Mary Pollock still at sea. SHIPPING NEWS. I was the staunchest of our fleet Till the […]

Evarra And His Gods

Read here: This is the story of Evarra man Maker of Gods in lands beyond the sea. Because the city […]

The Bees and the Flies

“The Mother Hive” Actions and Reactions A Farmer of the Augustan Age Perused in Virgil’s golden page The story of […]

Seven Watchmen

1918 SEVEN Watchmen sitting in a tower, Watching what had come upon mankind, Showed the Man the Glory and the […]

The Legend of Evil

I This is the sorrowful story Told when the twilight fails And the monkeys walk together Holding their neighbours’ tails: […]

The Wishing-Caps

Life’s all getting and giving, I’ve only myself to give. What shall I do for a living? I’ve only one […]

The Lowestoft Boat

In Lowestoft a boat was laid, Mark well what I do say! And she was built for the herring-trade, But […]

The First Chantey

1896 Mine was the woman to me, darkling I found her: Haling her dumb from the camp, held her and […]


The dark eleventh hour Draws on and sees us sold To every evil power We fought against of old. Rebellion, […]

The Man Who Could Write

Boanerges Blitzen, servant of the Queen, Is a dismal failure is a Might-have-been. In a luckless moment he discovered men […]

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