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My Lady's Law

The Law whereby my lady moves Was never Law to me, But ’tis enough that she approves Whatever Law it […]

The Story of Uriah

Jack Barrett went to Quetta Because they told him to. He left his wife at Simla On three-fourths his monthly […]

The 'eathen

The ‘eathen in ‘is blindness bows down to wood an’ stone; ‘E don’t obey no orders unless they is ‘is […]


1915 Whence comest thou, Gehazi, So reverend to behold, In scarlet and in ermines And chain of England’s gold?” “From […]


We are very slightly changed From the semi-apes who ranged India’s Prehistoric clay; He that drew the longest bow Ran […]

Things and the Man

Oh ye who hold the written clue To all save all unwritten things, And, half a league behind, pursue The […]

Lord Roberts

1914 He passed in the very battle-smoke Of the war that he had descried. Three hundred mile of cannon spoke […]

The Rowers

The banked oars fell an hundred strong, And backed and threshed and ground, But bitter was the rowers’ song As […]


(Mobile Columns of the Boer War) Out o’ the wilderness, dusty an’ dry (Time, an’ ‘igh time to be trekkin’ […]

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