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Sonnet IV: Bright Star of Beauty

Bright star of beauty, on whose eyelids sit A thousand nymph-like and enamour’d Graces, The Goddesses of Memory and Wit, […]


NEAR to the silver Trent SIRENA dwelleth; She to whom Nature lent All that excelleth; By which the Muses late […]

Sonnet LX: Define My Weal

Define my weal, and tell the joys of Heav’n; Express my woes, and show the pains of Hell; Declare what […]

Sonnet IX: As Other Men

As other men, so I myself do muse Why in this sort I wrest invention so, And why these giddy […]

Noah’s Flood (excerpts)

Eternal and all-working God, which wast Before the world, whose frame by Thee was cast, And beautified with beamful lamps […]

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