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Sonnet XI: You Not Alone

You not alone, when you are still alone, O God, from you that I could private be. Since you one […]

Sonnet XX: An Evil Spirit

An evil spirit, your beauty haunts me still, Wherewith, alas, I have been long possest, Which ceaseth not to tempt […]

The Parting

SINCE there ‘s no help, come let us kiss and part Nay, I have done, you get no more of […]

Sonnet V: Nothing But No

Nothing but “No,” and “Aye,” and “Aye,” and “No”? How falls it out so strangely you reply? I tell ye, […]

Sonnet XXIV: I Hear Some Say

I hear some say, “This man is not in love.” “What? Can he love? A likely thing,” they say; “Read […]


FAIR stood the wind for France When we our sails advance, Nor now to prove our chance Longer will tarry; […]

Sonnet LIX: As Love and I

As Love and I, late harbor’d in one inn, With proverbs thus each other entertain: “In Love there is no […]

Sonnet LIII: Clear Anker

Another to the River Anker Clear Anker, on whose silver-sanded shore My soul-shrin’d saint, my fair Idea, lies, O blessed […]

Sonnet XLVI: Plain-Path’d Experience

Plain-path’d Experience, th’unlearned’s guide, Her simple followers evidently shows Sometimes what Schoolmen scarcely can decide, Nor yet wise Reason absolutely […]

Sonnet XXI: A Witless Galant

A witless gallant a young wench that woo’d (Yet his dull spirit her not one jot could move), Entreated me, […]

Sonnet XXXI: Methinks I See

To the Critic Methinks I see some crooked mimic jeer, And tax my Muse with this fantastic grace, Turning my […]


All feathered things yet ever known to men, From the huge Rucke, unto the little Wren; From Forrest, Fields, from […]

Sonnet XXXIV: Marvel Not, Love

To Admiration Marvel not, Love, though I thy power admire, Ravish’d a world beyond the farthest thought, And knowing more […]

Sonnet IV: Bright Star of Beauty

Bright star of beauty, on whose eyelids sit A thousand nymph-like and enamour’d Graces, The Goddesses of Memory and Wit, […]

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