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Erewhile, before the world was old, When violets grew and celandine, In Cupid’s train we were enrolled: Erewhile! Your little […]

Yvonne Of Brittany

In your mother’s apple-orchard, Just a year ago, last spring: Do you remember, Yvonne! The dear trees lavishing Rain of […]

In A Breton Cemetery

They sleep well here, These fisher-folk who passed their anxious days In fierce Atlantic ways; And found not there, Beneath […]

A Last Word

Let us go hence: the night is now at hand; The day is overworn, the birds all flown; And we […]


I watched the glory of her childhood change, Half-sorrowful to find the child I knew, (Loved long ago in lily-time), […]

Amor Profanus

Beyond the pale of memory, In some mysterious dusky grove; A place of shadows utterly, Where never coos the turtle-dove, […]

To One In Bedlam

With delicate, mad hands, behind his sordid bars, Surely he hath his posies, which they tear and twine; Those scentless […]


All that I had I brought, Little enough I know; A poor rhyme roughly wrought, A rose to match thy […]

What Is Love?

What is Love? Is it a folly, Is it mirth, or melancholy? Joys above, Are there many, or not any? […]

The Moon Maiden's Song

Sleep! Cast thy canopy Over this sleeper’s brain, Dim grow his memory, When he wake again. Love stays a summer […]

In Tempore Senectutis

When I am old, And sadly steal apart, Into the dark and cold, Friend of my heart! Remember, if you […]