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Thought for Thursday

Tomorrow’s Thursday again, Swept with the days’ meandering flow: This, that, and the week goes, Hearing time splash through cracks. […]


Understand the language Of fall, approaching: Cold mornings Drawing your bundled warmth; Sailing-leaf afternoons, The enchantment of melancholy, Departure etched […]


Not enough study Has been done On old lions dying. Unable to feed themselves, Without pride, teeth Or claws, their […]


Pruning the rosebush The ache of the summer heat On my shoulders, The feel of the living stalk Between fingers, […]

Matt's Manifesto

The Renaissance men are aging now, Having survived Industrialization’s Original Sin And the Information Age flood; The need for specialization […]

Vienna, December 1999

I watched The winter light die from the bridge, The sky a sinking empire’s battleship, Ice floes’ jagged edges Clink […]

Da Gama returns

I have taken refuge In travelogues, Bare silk-screen images of Evening cityscapes Giving in to a garish-clad sky; A tourist […]


I have questioned The loyalty Of rivers in winter, Their yearnings for oceans obstructed, Indecisive meandering Clogged by ice floes […]

Journey West

I said Goodbye To Beale Street one year, Eyes hurting From the painful contrast Of stark white on black – […]


she is So intense in her fear: Her nostrils quiver At the scent of society’s danger; Caught in the glare […]