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Dawn coming in over the fields Of darkness takes me by surprise And I look up from my solitary road […]


You pull over to the shoulder of the two-lane Road and sit for a moment wondering where you were going […]

In A Vacant House

Someone was calling someone; Now they’ve stopped. Beyond the glass The rose vines quiver as in A light wind, but […]

Salts And Oils

In Havana in 1948 I ate fried dog Believing it was Peking duck. Later, In Tampa I bunked with an […]

Coming Close

Take this quiet woman, she has been Standing before a polishing wheel For over three hours, and she lacks Twenty […]

The Mercy

The ship that took my mother to Ellis Island Eighty-three years ago was named “The Mercy.” She remembers trying to […]


Here in February, the fine Dark branches of the almond Begin to sprout tiny clusters Of leaves, sticky to the […]

How Much Earth

Torn into light, you woke wriggling On a woman’s palm. Halved, quartered, Shredded to the wind, you were the life […]

Small Game

In borrowed boots which don’t fit And an old olive greatcoat, I hunt the corn-fed rabbit, Game fowl, squirrel, starved […]

They Feed They Lion

Out of burlap sacks, out of bearing butter, Out of black bean and wet slate bread, Out of the acids […]

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