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The End Of Your Life

First light. This misted field is the world, that man slipping the greased bolt Back and forth, that man tunneled […]


Can you imagine the air filled with smoke? It was. The city was vanishing before noon Or was it earlier […]

The Rat Of Faith

A blue jay poses on a stake Meant to support an apple tree Newly planted. A strong wind On this […]


Iron growing in the dark, It dreams all night long And will not work. A flower That hates God, a […]

Call It Music

Some days I catch a rhythm, almost a song In my own breath. I’m alone here In Brooklyn Heights, late […]

In A Light Time

The alder shudders in the April winds Off the moon. No one is awake and yet Sunlight streams across The […]

Night Words

after Juan Ramon A child wakens in a cold apartment. The windows are frosted. Outside he hears Words rising from […]

Green Thumb

Shake out my pockets! Harken to the call Of that calm voice that makes no sound at all! Take of […]

In The New Sun

Filaments of light Slant like windswept rain. The orange seller hawks Into the sky, a man with a hat Stops […]

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