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I Sing The Body Electric

People sit numbly at the counter Waiting for breakfast or service. Today it’s Hartford, Connecticut More than twenty-five years after […]

The Red Shirt

“…his poems that no one reads anymore become dust, wind, nothing, Like the insolent colored shirt he bought to die […]

For The Country

THE DREAM This has nothing to do with war Or the end of the world. She Dreams there are gray […]

Any Night

Look, the eucalyptus, the Atlas pine, The yellowing ash, all the trees Are gone, and I was older than All […]

The Water’s Chant

Seven years ago I went into The High Sierras stunned by the desire To die. For hours I stared into […]


The first purple wisteria I recall from boyhood hung On a wire outside the windows Of the breakfast room next […]

The Drunkard

from St. Ambrose He fears the tiger standing in his way. The tiger takes its time, it smiles and growls. […]


Hungry and cold, I stood in a doorway On Delancey Street in 1946 As the rain came down. The worst […]


Pond snipe, bleached pine, rue weed, wart I walk by sedge and brown river rot To where the old lake […]

Last Words

If the shoe fell from the other foot Who would hear? If the door Opened onto a pure darkness And […]

Berenda Slough

Earth and water without form, Change, or pause: as if the third Day had not come, this calm norm Of […]

The Whole Soul

Is it long as a noodle Or fat as an egg? Is it Lumpy like a potato or Ringed like […]

Detroit Grease Shop Poem

Four bright steel crosses, Universal joints, plucked Out of the burlap sack “the heart of the drive train,” The book […]


A solitary apartment house, the last one Before the boulevard ends and a dusty road Winds its slow way out […]

At Bessemer

19 years old and going nowhere, I got a ride to Bessemer and walked The night road toward Birmingham Passing […]


I bend to the ground To catch Something whispered, Urgent, drifting Across the ditches. The heaviness of Flies stuttering In […]


The long lines of diesels Groan toward evening Carrying off the breath Of the living. The face of your house […]


Dawn coming in over the fields Of darkness takes me by surprise And I look up from my solitary road […]


You pull over to the shoulder of the two-lane Road and sit for a moment wondering where you were going […]

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