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The Return

All afternoon my father drove the country roads Between Detroit and Lansing. What he was looking for I never learned, […]

Holding On

Green fingers Holding the hillside, Mustard whipping in The sea winds, one blood-bright Poppy breathing in And out. The odor […]

Making Light Of It

I call out a secret name, the name Of the angel who guards my sleep, And light grows in the […]

The Grave Of The Kitchen Mouse

The stone says “Coors” The gay carpet says “Camels” Spears of dried grass The little sticks the children gathered The […]

I Won, You Lost

The last of day gathers In the yellow parlor And drifts like fine dust Across the face of The gilt-framed […]

Making It Work

3-foot blue cannisters of nitro Along a conveyor belt, slow fish Speaking the language of silence. On the roof, I […]

My Fathers, The Baltic

Along the strand stones, Busted shells, wood scraps, Bottle tops, dimpled And stainless beer cans. Something began here A century […]

The Rains

The river rises And the rains keep coming. My Papa says It can’t flood for The water can run Away […]


1 Dawn. First light tearing At the rough tongues of the zinnias, At the leaves of the just born. Today […]

Black Stone On Top Of Nothing

Still sober, César Vallejo comes home and finds a black ribbon Around the apartment building covering the front door. He […]

Mad Day In March

Beaten like an old hound Whimpering by the stove, I complicate the pain That smarts with promised love. The oilstove […]

Late Light

Rain filled the streets Once a year, rising almost To door and window sills, Battering walls and roofs Until it […]

Late Moon

2 a. m. December, and still no mon Rising from the river. My mother Home from the beer garden Stands […]

A Theory Of Prosody

When Nellie, my old pussy Cat, was still in her prime, She would sit behind me As I wrote, and […]

What Work Is

We stand in the rain in a long line Waiting at Ford Highland Park. For work. You know what work […]

The Turning

Unknown faces in the street And winter coming on. I Stand in the last moments of The city, no more […]

Premonition At Twilight

The magpie in the Joshua tree Has come to rest. Darkness collects, And what I cannot hear or see, Broken […]


“Hill of Jews,” says one, Named for a cemetery Long gone.”Hill of Jove,” Says another, and maybe Jove stalked here […]

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