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Late Light

Rain filled the streets Once a year, rising almost To door and window sills, Battering walls and roofs Until it […]

Late Moon

2 a. m. December, and still no mon Rising from the river. My mother Home from the beer garden Stands […]

A Theory Of Prosody

When Nellie, my old pussy Cat, was still in her prime, She would sit behind me As I wrote, and […]

What Work Is

We stand in the rain in a long line Waiting at Ford Highland Park. For work. You know what work […]

The Turning

Unknown faces in the street And winter coming on. I Stand in the last moments of The city, no more […]

Premonition At Twilight

The magpie in the Joshua tree Has come to rest. Darkness collects, And what I cannot hear or see, Broken […]


“Hill of Jews,” says one, Named for a cemetery Long gone.”Hill of Jove,” Says another, and maybe Jove stalked here […]

Belle Isle, 1949

We stripped in the first warm spring night And ran down into the Detroit River To baptize ourselves in the […]

You Can Have It

My brother comes home from work And climbs the stairs to our room. I can hear the bed groan and […]

Clouds Above The Sea

My father and mother, two tiny figures, Side by side, facing the clouds that move In from the Atlantic. August, […]

The Helmet

All the way On the road to Gary He could see Where the sky shone Just out of reach And […]

The House

This poem has a door, a locked door, And curtains drawn against the day, But at night the lights come […]

Passing Out

The doctor fingers my bruise. “Magnificent,” he says, “black At the edges and purple Cored.” Seated, he spies for clues, […]

Another Song

Words go on travelling from voice To voice while the phones are still And the wires hum in the cold. […]


The first time I drank gin I thought it must be hair tonic. My brother swiped the bottle From a […]

The Dead

A good man is seized by the police And spirited away. Months later Someone brags that he shot him once […]

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