The Water's Chant

Seven years ago I went into
The High Sierras stunned by the desire
To die. For hours I stared into a clear
Mountain stream that fell down
Over speckled rocks, and then I
Closed my eyes and prayed that when
I opened them I would be gone
And somewhere a purple and golden
Thistle would overflow with light.
I had not prayed since I was a child
And at first I felt foolish saying
The name of God, and then it became
Another word. All the while
I could hear the water’s chant
Below my voice. At last I opened
My eyes to the same place, my hands
Cupped and I drank long from
The stream, and then turned for home
Not even stopping to find the thistle
That blazed by my path.
Since then
I have gone home to the city
Of my birth and found it gone,
A gray and treeless one now in its place.
The one house I loved the most

missing in a row of houses,
The park where I napped on summer days
Fenced and locked, the great shop
Where we forged, a plane of rubble,
The old hurt faces turned away.
My brother was with me, thickened
By the years, but still my brother,
And when we embraced I felt the rough
Cheek and his hand upon my back tapping
As though to tell me, I know! I know!
Brother, I know!
Here in California
A new day begins. Full dull clouds ride
In from the sea, and this dry valley
Calls out for rain. My brother has
Risen hours ago and hobbled to the shower
And gone out into the city of death
To trade his life for nothing because
This is the world. I could pray now,
But not to die, for that will come one
Day or another. I could pray for
His bad leg or my son John whose luck
Is rotten, or for four new teeth, but
Instead I watch my eucalyptus,
The giant in my front yard, bucking
And swaying in the wind and hear its
Tidal roar. In the strange new light
The leaves overflow purple and gold,
And a fiery dust showers into the day.

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The Water's Chant