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Making Light Of It

I call out a secret name, the name
Of the angel who guards my sleep,
And light grows in the east, a new light
Like no other, as soft as the petals
Of the blown rose in late summer.
Yes, it is late summer in the West.
Even the grasses climbing the Sierras
Reach for the next outcropping of rock
With tough, burned fingers. The thistle
Sheds its royal robes and quivers
Awake in the hot winds off the sun.
A cloudless sky fills my room, the room
I was born in and where my father sleeps
His long dark sleep guarding the name
He shared with me. I can follow the day
To the black rags and corners it will
Scatter to because someone always
Goes ahead burning the little candle
Of his breath, making light of it all.

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Poem Making Light Of It - Philip Levine