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The light was always you

In the beginning there was light,
Abundant light that truly lit the way,
Time was never lost in dodging flights
Of feckless shadows and darkness seldom
Ever blight the brightness of our days.
And when the shadows came at night
And stretched into the weary dawn, tangled
In the sleepers’ eyes and yawning in their
Tousled hair, barely then we were aware.
And that was when we dwelt in dismal shades
Of grey, remembering the flawless summers’ days
We left behind in broken time, dismembering
The quintessence of everything that bound us
Thence and held us tightly on our way.
And now we stumble in the dark and walk
A sorely riven path that’s strewn with rubble
Of our tumbled past, strive to find our perfect light,
Aghast the gloom compounds our plight and treats
Us to affray; could we ever find our flawless day
Within this darkened room, or ever find the kindly light
We seek whilst stepping in each other’s way?
The bruises which we bear from crashes in the night
Are sorely worn, we’re torn by crazy flights of fantasy
Despite the anchors of our past, deluged by vast
Illusions with no caste or frame to give a name to;
I know it’s not a game and I despair
At my lost sight but see a worldly light that glows
Within the warmth of you, a light to guide you true,
A light to surely show you where to go;
And where you go is where I have to be
Because I’m blind, did not construe,
The source of light was always you.

Without you I am blind….

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Poem The light was always you - Ivan Donn Carswell