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And The Piper Dreams

And the Piper dreams as he pipes up in his mind Colours in choral horizons distant, of courtliness dimmed in […]

I Mark Your Courage

I had no profound feelings of shock or surprise To those matter-of-fact revelations Which spelled the end of this chapter […]

Thinking of an Afterlife

When was the beginning, In the fertilising, in the flower, Or was it deeper, In the earth beneath? No end […]

I cannot let the moment pass

I cannot let the moment pass without a weary greeting, Or retard the recent past where shadows still are fleeting, […]

Hostel Beach, Oneroa

The cliff sprang from the sea at end of Hostel Beach, If the tide was out you’d reach a tiny […]

Baby waits alone

Baby waits alone In sandy shallows lying, – wretchedly crying Dam marooned at sea Aware her calf is dying Precious […]

Silvered In The Dying Light

Silvered in the dying light she lies A silent sleeping twinkle coloured Eve Who heaves and breathes a sinuous sigh […]

Key economy

Words today are How’d you say, In sad retreat, Or obsolete? They slide around Conducting sound, Deferent To moving ground […]

The Beer Was Cold Enough

It is amazing, while I lay in bed, I had the lines Roaring through my head like locusts on the […]

Dead poet

I’m sure it would be easier to survive as a dead poet, I mean it in the surmise that I […]

Night’s sentinel

Even tonight will pass into memory’s oblivion, Doomed, despite an ardent reunion Of once estranged yet precisely matched parts, To […]

Nothing ever is the same

Gnashing teeth, A grinding meet Of molars crashing Cuspid on cuspid And the fracture of a piece, Of pressure not […]

The Price Of Parting

Will they be there for you when you die? Will they hold your hands and cry until you’ve breathed Your […]

The light was always you

In the beginning there was light, Abundant light that truly lit the way, Time was never lost in dodging flights […]

Hidden dangers

Which things excited you the most when you were young, Can you recall the pleasures they would bring? Indulge Yourself, […]

Echoes in an empty room

The strident sounds of silence echo In a darkened room, a beggar’s tomb Of emptied space and barrenness, a Shameful […]

Rangipo Desert

Whangaehu waters, hot-spilled from the cauldron Of Crater Lake, swirling mud-green from the cup Between Tahurangi and Pyramid Peak, Sulphurous, […]

Seven suits

Seven tailored suits, matching shoes and socks, A brace of muted ties with subtle breast pocket Handkerchiefs descried, you wouldn’t […]

The Logic Of This State

Marking time in pencil strokes across a virgin page And waiting for coincidence of heart-beat and second-hand, Keying to the […]

Forsaken promises

Nothing came to claim my muse, instead I dreamed Of freedoms neatly folded in a treasure chest lying in the […]

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