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At Feet Of Dogs

At my feet the lapdogs of desire, I wont greet their fawning, least not yet, Their foul breath would shrink […]

Tools for life

Has life ever dumped you in a heap? Perhaps you’ve found self belief so strongly Reinforcing that doubt never enters […]

The Ease and Charm of You

There’s an infinity of wisdom in your smile that would deny The winsome wit that lies at back of it; […]

Of Such Simplicity

You and me, The proof is there to see, Our lives are held within the spell of great simplicity, We’re […]

Crying to be written

Dawn has reached the ridges to the north and a thin Line of light chased the night west; it is […]

And you will claim

And you will claim we need more births to keep Our population mix in check while nature’s truths Suggest there […]

The beans were exciting

I tried cooking in my new Quicksilver jacket, just An affectation I assure you – no, not the coat Or […]

Being old in the game

It was a half-life that seemed like a genuine world Wielding hard symbolism over those who ruled it; we Lived […]

Before the arthritis set in

It’s Wednesday, September 6th and a birthday, Again, these things arrive tediously on time With wry regularity – and sadly, […]

Don’t talk to me of War

Don’t talk to me of War or stalk the ground Our fabled soldiers died upon, I’m sound Of limb and […]

To risk your Liberty

Called The Hon ‘Lizard Gizzard’ with aptness bearing fruit From his septic yellow face to his pinstripe business suit, Famous […]

Hoping With Care

We are honored and humble and earnest to share In events which would happen Although we weren’t there, a trifling […]

Paper towel

She wrapped a paper towel around his softened cock In what he thought was quaint affection, that was new, An […]

Still hear the waves

It was a brave day under an endlessly clear sky That extended forever from our valley To the unfathomably distant […]

This Window is

This window is confidence, Documenting proceedings, Capturing moments, Cleansing views Challenging sentiment. This window is nourishment Filling the eyes With […]

Morning’s Reflections

Were meetings predestined then ours was intended, Great oracles decreed it as fate, and the auguries chattered With sweet benefactors […]

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