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Other side

The dung was recent, not an event Unusual in itself but difficult to explain Of cows grazing the other side […]

Out of The Annexe

It grew out of the Annexe and our Corps in a world at peace While our army trained, magnificent in […]

Worthy Places

There were some worthy places where we could escape, Avoid the heavy weight of living in a densely Peopled space; […]

To let them die peace

There wasn’t room for sympathy, The epicentre moved too rapidly for that And even when we knew the anger Of […]

Touched my family

Even from afar came shouts of recognition Joyful voices rang across the years disdained and Faces of our childhood unforgot […]

Courage is a motherless lamb

For a small child crossing the pen alone was a courageous feat, Occasionally, with a maniacal bleat, the wether would […]

When We Were Young

As a child I played in the same frosty fields Barefoot as my no lesser loved classmates, Whom we challenged […]

Benefit of doubt

It’s a ruling from the field of pain (devoid of antique nave, A judgement process aptly named ‘benefit of doubt’); […]

Uncommon common sense

The other day I listened to a man on the radio Who made uncommon common sense, ‘specially since It was […]

The Hunt

The hunt begins at a languid pace Belying hysteria building in place, biding its time To menace the peace in […]

Ah, that Murphy girl

Let’s talk about the weather then, Would that help you take your ease? Gossip is so rare from you The […]

Growing Apart

We knew their names Or thought we did, we knew their faces From an album of places we’d played In […]

Talk to me of love

Talk to me of love with wonder in your eyes, Of limber magic flying through the veiling air And soft-edged […]

As much a part

In a slow drawn focus the concrete Blocks that prop up my view of the sky Morph soft and easy […]

Political nonsense

I was saddened just to hear the bitter rancour In his voice, a sour hostility aloof of commonsense, And ranks […]

This House Which Is Lived In

This house which is lived in resounds With the chorus of voices bound in the press Of its generous, unconcealed […]


But I am not yet dead and yet I rest my head Sweetly on the bare gravestones of great poets, […]

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