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Free from intrusion

You awaken this time with a welcoming smile, an experience Sublime, not a dream – the boner from Hell Has […]

A Crystalline Awakening

A crystalline awakening on the plateau, The crisp air as brittle as new celery Snaps with expectancy. The cold clings […]

Haircut today

I am having a haircut today, it is not A complex event requiring excellent Foresight, careful planning or indecent Logistical […]

Camping in a kitchen

To say we’ve done it all before is not to bend The truth and though we’ve lost our youth The […]


The manic fires flared again today, very much the same irrational urges Blazing from the open grate, urgent fervours that […]

Fountain of your rise

Michelle, the thought of you confused or under siege Bereaves us; you, the cheerful heart who waged a Silent war […]


Why can’t I keep out of harm’s way? Am I so preoccupied, simultaneously looking ahead, Concurrently looking behind; concerned to […]

Thought it was America

Is there anything which isn’t made in China? The answer is… of course there is, the question Was rhetorical, a […]

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