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Your noble reign

The man whose term we would remember as our longest, Constant serving Head of State, besides the late Sir Robert […]

Gimme 'n F

“Gimme ‘n F” the spruiker cried, “gimme a U” and crowd near died, They knew before he came To, Whatzat […]

Travelling on the thumb

Travelling on the thumb, it wasn’t hard to do, you took The rides that you could get with no regrets […]

Tales in the beginning

Tales in the beginning didn’t begin in the telling, They would have started no doubt, but not without A concrete […]

To win a game

How do you win a football game? Not by skill alone or clever plays, In modern days the game has […]

Sends the wrong message

What’s in a song John (or is it ‘Knuckles’), what’s In a song about an unemployed, suicidal bum, caught In […]

If it ever bloody rains

I never said I would, I only said I could Do what you wished, the subtle difference Should have raised […]

It seldom snowed – Part III

It seldom snowed they said, and they were nearly right. In all of nine eventful Seasons crystal white on average […]

Jessie of Gibraltar

Our lives were founded on this rock, this Jessie of Gibraltar Whose unfailing love endured beyond her ample nursing, And […]

Another barbeque tonight

It rained throughout the night, a truly welcome sound That eases sleep although we barely slept – we were Distressed […]

In these quiet moments

In these quiet moments before the night Softens the mountains of the South And deflates the clouds That float beneath […]

Ad Invasions

Advertisements, they’ve trashed the web, Somehow they’ve gotten into bed With common sense; ubiquitous And so intense, insistent As to […]

Bitter sweet

The events Of September 11th 2001 remain bitter sweet; As well as 2973 innocents Confirmed dead (with their 19 Terrorist […]

Clouded dreams

At dawn I dreamed of wispy clouds, I had the time to wield and watched The regimented lines of cirrus […]

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