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The Reason Why I'm Fat

I thought my father was far too fat – eagerly I told him so,
If he was offended it didn’t show and I don’t recall
Where that strange conversation went. Now I know
He was offended – as I am too, it is not a jibe to
Pass off lightly, no matter who accuses you of it
Or which sadly taut excuse you try and use
In your defence. If I ever envied fathers who
Dressed like kings and knew how to wear
Their clothes to express the dreams
They had for their son’s imaginary futures
I did not know my envy. I certainly knew
Chic and what was not but the thought
My father might have taught me that
Would induce a lot of laughter.
Now I smile at such melancholy thoughts,
Smile and muse on how the wheel has turned,
Smile and wince, sad to hear you say the things
I knew would grate against my dad.
In those long lost years he never set a goal
So high or target that I could not reach,
Challenges I could not meet, he simply
Made it so I kept my feet on solid ground
And set my dreams to run where life abounds;
Never did he threaten me, abbreviate the crazy
Schemes a young man has to have, indeed
He taught me well and gave me space to be
The things he patently was not, at least to me,
And I grew into the place that makes me, yes,
Your father. I am proud of you, unreservedly,
And gladly say there is my son. He is the tall,
Thin one. And that, I say to you, is the reason why I’m fat.

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Poem The Reason Why I'm Fat - Ivan Donn Carswell