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Good neighbours

To my shame I’ve been mending fences again…
A quaint habit I inherited from my father;
He would rather fix a fence than parley
Repair, and that it is where our views diverged.
He said fences were meant to make good
Neighbours. In the intervening years I had it
Wrong, believing a fence was a line of defence
Along a disputed border. In my father’s sense
It was the commencement of a wider duty,
A line where trust and respect must meet
And mesh, where neighbours are
Defined. I wish he could assess the null prospect
Of my much maligned neighbour redressing
His self-indulgent ways, of rising in stature.
Today he watched me fix the fence – naturally
It made eminent sense to him as my cattle had
Raided his space. When I said it was his fence too,
That the problem was shared he agreed, and
Thanked me for making repairs. I would that
He could have read my face.

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Poem Good neighbours - Ivan Donn Carswell