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Congratulations, you’ve succeeded,
You’ve acknowledged 60% of you at least
Are the incredibly dense and mindless people
Needed to make sense of incomprehensible
Avoidance strategies on recycling water.
You may have missed the point, the vote
Was not to see which political policy would
Prevail; tragically it was a statement to our Nation
On re-use of the Country’s scarcest resource.
Okay, you’ve made it pretty clear,
Not our problem you’ve said, go find
Your solution somewhere else. Of course,
The expedient of sending the Media Tart
A message by saying ‘no’ meant
You had a win of sorts, ducked the real issue,
Perhaps too intent on political innuendo
To sense the way your vote would be used.
Or perhaps you didn’t. Well, you’ve missed
The opportunity anyway, delivered a kick in
The guts of common sense, suffered a momentary
Lapse of reason. I suppose it’s the season
For such stupidity. Relax in your baths tonight,
Have another cup of tea, wash your cars
And hose the grass clippings off the concrete
Paths. Tomorrow there will be more restrictions,
Next week the price of water will rise.
These predictions are not infinite or bitter
Condemnations mate, they are reflections of
The finite nature of our supply of treated water.

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Poem Congratulations - Ivan Donn Carswell