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Sends the wrong message

What’s in a song John (or is it ‘Knuckles’), what’s
In a song about an unemployed, suicidal bum, caught
In the act of sheep theft which defines the Australian
Psyche? I’ll bet you don’t know but whatever it is
Is good enough for you to decide what is, or is not,
Appropriate for a team to do before they face you
On the playing field; whatever it is in ‘Waltzing Matilda’
Includes a magic ingredient of self justification, allowing
Your flaky, self-righteous pontification on appropriateness.
Perhaps some elements of the haka seem too expressive
For faint hearts (or paying viewers who might complain)
To be allowed before the game. I guess the same
Could be said for this song about a sheep thief
Which is in equally bad taste – if you don’t appreciate
Its implied association. I’ve never complained about it
But I think it sends the wrong message too. About losers.

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Poem Sends the wrong message - Ivan Donn Carswell