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Pedestrian ambitions

My thoughts are like the boots randomly arrayed
In the rack outside the window, some in pairs neatly
Stacked, comfortably worn with a relaxed air of
Confidence, some scattered in patterns of bizarre
Relationships, one in Benson’s den under guard from
Thought predators he fears plagiarized and stole
Its partner’s soul. While I find it endearing
It involves a change in enterprise, his goal
In the past has mainly been slippers.
Of some thoughts I cannot recall
When I last wore them – thoughts which were
Surely not my own, bearing marks of relentless use,
Depicting an air of docile utility.
I find no shoes of flippant promise
Or vacuous bent, no footwear meant
For climbers and schemers of high places,
No lofty thoughts for perilous ascent.
I survey the paucity of choices displayed,
Aware of my thoughts keeping pace easily
With my pedestrian ambitions.

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Poem Pedestrian ambitions - Ivan Donn Carswell