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Eat Your Heart Out

I’ve come by, she says, to tell you
That this is it. I’m not kidding, it’s
Over. this is it.
I sit on the couch watching her arrange
Her long red hair before my bedroom
She pulls her hair up and
Piles it on top of her head-
She lets her eyes look at
My eyes-
Then she drops her hair and
Lets it fall down in front of her face.
We go to bed and I hold her
Speechlessly from the back
My arm around her neck
I touch her wrists and hands
Feel up to
Her elbows
No further.
She gets up.
This is it, she says,
This will do. well,
I’m going.
I get up and walk her
To the door
Just as she leaves
She says,
I want you to buy me
Some high-heeled shoes
With tall thin spikes,
Black high-heeled shoes.
No, I want them
I watch her walk down the cement walk
Under the trees
She walks all right and
As the pointsettas drip in the sun
I close the door.

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Poem Eat Your Heart Out - Charles Bukowski