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Poems in English

Let It Enfold You

either peace or happiness, Let it enfold you When i was a young man I felt these things were Dumb, […]

His Wife, The Painter

There are sketches on the walls of men and women and ducks, And outside a large green bus swerves through […]

An Almost Made Up Poem

I see you drinking at a fountain with tiny Blue hands, no, your hands are not tiny They are small, […]

Sway With Me

sway with me, everything sad Madmen in stone houses Without doors, Lepers steaming love and song Frogs trying to figure […]

New Mexico

I was fairly drunk when it Began and I took out my bottle and used it Along the way. I […]

Three Oranges

first time my father overheard me listening to This bit of music he asked me, “what is it?” “it’s called […]

Whats The Use Of A Title?

They dont make it The beautiful die in flame – Sucide pills, rat poison, rope what – Ever… They rip […]

Big Night On The Town

drunk on the dark streets of some city, It’s night, you’re lost, where’s your Room? You enter a bar to […]

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