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Young In New Orleans

starving there, sitting around the bars, And at night walking the streets for hours, The moonlight always seemed fake To […]

For The Foxes

don’t feel sorry for me. I am a competent, Satisfied human being. Be sorry for the others Who Fidget Complain […]

For Jane

225 days under grass And you know more than I. They have long taken your blood, You are a dry […]

Cause And Effect

the best often die by their own hand Just to get away, And those left behind Can never quite understand […]

Love & Fame & Death

it sits outside my window now Like and old woman going to market; It sits and watches me, It sweats […]

Trashcan Lives

the wind blows hard tonight And it’s a cold wind And I think about The boys on the row. I […]


Making love in the sun, in the morning sun In a hotel room Above the alley Where poor men poke […]

The Most

here comes the fishhead singing Here comes the baked potato in drag Here comes nothing to do all day long […]


once We were young At this Machine. . . Drinking Smoking Typing It was a most Splendid Miraculous Time Still […]

Some People

some people never go crazy. Me, sometimes I’ll lie down behind the couch For 3 or 4 days. They’ll find […]


she was hot, she was so hot I didn’t want anybody else to have her, And if I didn’t get […]


the history of melancholia Includes all of us. Me, I writhe in dirty sheets While staring at blue walls And […]

Be Kind

we are always asked To understand the other person’s Viewpoint No matter how Out-dated Foolish or Obnoxious. One is asked […]

Revolt In The Ranks

I have just spent one-hour-and-a-half Handicapping tomorrow’s Card. When am I going to get at the poems? Well, they’ll just […]


the final curtain on one of the longest running Musicals ever, some people claim to have Seen it over one […]

Working Out

Van Gogh cut off his ear Gave it to a Prostitute Who flung it away in Extreme Disgust. Van, whores […]

A Radio With Guts

it was on the 2nd floor on Coronado Street I used to get drunk And throw the radio through the […]

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