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naked along the side of the house, 8 a. m., spreading sesame seed oil Over my body, Jesus, have I […]

Eat Your Heart Out

I’ve come by, she says, to tell you That this is it. I’m not kidding, it’s Over. this is it. […]

It’s Ours

there is always that space there Just before they get to us That space That fine relaxer The breather While […]

Are You Drinking?

washed-up, on shore, the old yellow notebook out again I write from the bed as I did last year. will […]


waiting for death Like a cat That will jump on the Bed I am so very sorry for My wife […]


often it is the only Thing Between you and Impossibility. No drink, No woman’s love, No wealth Can Match it. […]

Here I Am

drunk again at 3 a. m. at the end of my 2nd bottle Of wine, I have typed from a […]

The Icecream People

the lady has me temporarily off the bottle And now the pecker stands up Better. However, things change overnight Instead […]


one of Lorca’s best lines Is, “agony, always Agony…” Think of this when you Kill a Cockroach or Pick up […]


at the track today, Father’s Day, Each paid admission was Entitled to a wallet And each contained a Little surprise. […]

O, We Are The Outcasts

ah, christ, what a CREW: More Poetry, always more P O E T R Y. If it doesn’t come, coax […]

How Is Your Heart?

during my worst times on the park benches in the jails or living with whores I always had this certain […]

I’m In Love

she’s young, she said, But look at me, I have pretty ankles, And look at my wrists, I have pretty […]

Cows In Art Class

good weather Is like Good women- It doesn’t always happen And when it does It doesn’t Always last. Man is […]

As The Sparrow

To give life you must take life, And as our grief falls flat and hollow Upon the billion-blooded sea I […]

Alone With Everybody

the flesh covers the bone And they put a mind In there and Sometimes a soul, And the women break […]


self-congratulatory nonsense as the Famous gather to applaud their seeming Greatness You Wonder where The real ones are What Giant […]


it Takes A lot of Desperation Dissatisfaction And Disillusion To Write A Few Good Poems. It’s not For Everybody Either […]


here I am in the ground my mouth open and I can’t even say mama, and The dogs run by […]


she was a short one Getting fat and she had once been Beautiful and She drank the wine She drank […]

Consummation Of Grief

I even hear the mountains The way they laugh Up and down their blue sides And down in the water […]

So Now?

the words have come and gone, I sit ill. The phone rings, the cats sleep. Linda vacuums. I am waiting […]

What Can We Do?

at their best, there is gentleness in Humanity. Some understanding and, at times, acts of Courage But all in all […]

Hooray Say The Roses

hooray say the roses, today is blamesday And we are red as blood. Hooray say the roses, today is Wednesday […]

The Retreat

this time has finished me. I feel like the German troops Whipped by snow and the communists Walking bent With […]

Rhyming Poem

the goldfish sing all night with guitars, And the whores go down with the stars, The whores go down with […]

I Made A Mistake

I reached up into the top of the closet And took out a pair of blue panties And showed them […]

Friends Within The Darkness

I can remember starving in a Small room in a strange city Shades pulled down, listening to Classical music I […]

Raw With Love

little dark girl with Kind eyes When it comes time to Use the knife I won’t flinch and I won’t […]

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