Where Is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

Is it somewhere in outer space?

Where does my loved one now dwell…

In some far and distant place?

Heaven is all around you…

It’s as close as the air and love that surround you.

Heaven is everywhere…it’s not just in the skies,

It’s a spiritual dimension that can’t be seen

Through human eyes.

How do I know my loved one is safe?

How do I know they are well?

How do I know that they made it to Heaven?

Is there any way that I can tell?

Your loved one is well in heaven because

They’re surrounded by God’s love and care,

And I can promise you that they made it to

Heaven, because an angel guided them there!

Is there any way that I can tell them how

Much they meant (and still mean) to me?

I’m not sure how to contact them, do you

Know what Heaven’s address could be?

Just talk…and know that they hear you,

Because you’ll never be truly apart;

And Heaven’s address? Well now, that’s simple…

Just send your thoughts care of your heart!

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Where Is Heaven?