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A Creation Of Our Love

We didn’t give birth to you – that is true, But you are still a creation of our love. For […]

Because Of You

Because of you, The world is a much nicer place. Because of you, I have faith in the human race. […]

An Unfamiliar Path

Walking an unfamiliar path that you’ve Never trod before, Or knocking on a strange and unfamiliar Door, Can be extremely […]

His Legacy

This is a true poem about a very special boy whose short life brought so much love and beauty to […]

A Special Friend

Everyone needs a special friend To help them on their way, To pick them up when they are down, To […]

Fear Not God Or Love

God is love and love is not Something you should fear. Respect love? Yes! Honour love? Yes! Embrace love? Yes! […]

Where Is Heaven?

Where is Heaven? Is it somewhere in outer space? Where does my loved one now dwell… In some far and […]

Especially For You

This poem is a special gift especially For you, All I ask is that you read it often And every […]

Mothers Are a Special Gift

Mothers are a special gift sent From God above, They bless us with their nurturing, And fill us with their […]

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