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The year begins with war. Our bombs fall day and night, Hour after hour, by death Abroad appeasing wrath, Folly, […]

A Meeting

In a dream I meet My dead friend. He has, I know, gone long and far, And yet he is […]

In this World

The hill pasture, an open place among the trees, Tilts into the valley. The clovers and tall grasses Are in […]

The Lilies

Amid the gray trunks of ancient trees we found The gay woodland lilies nodding on their stems, Frail and fair, […]


I was born in a drouth year. That summer My mother waited in the house, enclosed In the sun and […]


The ewes crowd to the mangers; Their bellies widen, sag; Their udders tighten. Soon The little voices cry In morning […]

The Wish to be Generous

ALL that I serve will die, all my delights, The flesh kindled from my flesh, garden and field, The silent […]


1. Dear relatives and friends, when my last breath Grows large and free in air, don’t call it death A […]

A Warning To My Readers

Do not think me gentle Because I speak in praise Of gentleness, or elegant Because I honor the grace That […]


The longer we are together The larger death grows around us. How many we know by now Who are dead! […]

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