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The Disabled Debauchee

As some brave admiral, in former war, Deprived of force, but pressed with courage still, Two rival fleets appearing from […]

The Platonic Lady

I could love thee till I die, Would’st thou love me modestly, And ne’er press, whilst I live, For more […]

Portsmouth's Looking Glass

Methinks I see you, newly risen From your embroider’d Bed and pissing, With studied mien and much grimace, Present yourself […]


I cannot change, as others do, Though you unjustly scorn; Since that poor swain, that sighs for you For you […]

A Satyre on Charles II

[Rochester had to flee the court for several months After handing this to the King by mistake.] In th’ isle […]

All My Past Life

All my past life is mine no more, The flying hours are gone, Like transitory dreams given o’er, Whose images […]

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