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Poems in English


Because you love me I have much achieved, Had you despised me then I must have failed, But since I […]


WHO dat knockin’ at de do’? Why, Ike Johnson, yes, fu’ sho! Come in, Ike. I’s mighty glad You come […]


Wintah, summah, snow er shine, Hit’s all de same to me, Ef only I kin call you mine, An’ keep […]

Common Things

I like to hear of wealth and gold, And El Doradoes in their glory; I like for silks and satins […]

If I Could But Forget

If I could but forget The fullness of those first sweet days, When you burst sun-like thro’ the haze Of […]

A Golden Day

I Found you and I lost you, All on a gleaming day. The day was filled with sunshine, And the […]

Howdy, Honey, Howdy

DO’ a-stan’in’ on a jar, fiah a-shinin’ Thoo, Ol’ folks drowsin’ ‘roun’ de place, Wide awake is Lou, W’en I […]


He was a poet who wrote clever verses, And folks said he had a fine poetical taste; But his father, […]

We Wear the Mask

We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes, This debt we pay […]


FOLKS ain’t got no right to censuah othah folks about dey habits; Him dat giv’ de squir’ls de bushtails made […]

When de Co’n Pone’s Hot

Dey is times in life when Nature Seems to slip a cog an’ go, Jes’ a-rattlin’ down creation, Lak an […]

Signs of the Times

Air a-gittin’ cool an’ coolah, Frost a-comin’ in de night, Hicka’ nuts an’ wa’nuts fallin’, Possum keepin’ out o’ sight. […]


I know what the caged bird feels, alas! When the sun is bright on the upland slopes; When the wind […]


The mist has left the greening plain, The dew-drops shine like fairy rain, The coquette rose awakes again Her lovely […]

Summer in the South

The Oriole sings in the greening grove As if he were half-way waiting, The rosebuds peep from their hoods of […]