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Poems in English

The Debt

This is the debt I pay Just for one riotous day, Years of regret and grief, Sorrow without relief. Pay […]

The Old Front Gate

W’en daih’s chillun in de house, Dey keep on a-gittin’ tall; But de folks don’ seem to see Dat dey’s […]

Little Brown Baby

Little brown baby wif spa’klin’ eyes, Come to yo’ pappy an’ set on his knee. What you been doin’, suh […]

The Barrier

The Midnight wooed the Morning Star, And prayed her: “Love come nearer; Your swinging coldly there afar To me but […]

At the Tavern

A lilt and a swing, And a ditty to sing, Or ever the night grow old; The wine is within, […]

A Negro Love Song

Seen my lady home las’ night, Jump back, honey, jump back. Hel’ huh han’ an’ sque’z it tight, Jump back, […]

To Dan

STEP me now a bridal measure, Work give way to love and leisure, Hearts be free and hearts be gay […]

When Malindy Sings

G’way an’ quit dat noise, Miss Lucy Put dat music book away; What’s de use to keep on tryin’? Ef […]

A Choice

They please me not these solemn songs That hint of sermons covered up. ‘T is true the world should heed […]

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