English poetry

Poems in English

Fanciful creators

What fanciful creators we are: Bestowing shock absorbers on cars Sprinkling tenderizer on meats And stitching wrinkle-resistant shirts Such wishful […]

What do animals dream?

Do they dream of past lives and unlived dreams Unspeakably human or unimaginably bestial? Do they struggle to catch in […]


to find the origin, Trace back the manifestations. Tao Between being and non-being Barely there These sails of water, ice, […]


There are hours when every thing creaks When chairs stretch their arms, tables their legs And closets crack their backs, […]

Truth in advertising

morning epiphany Applicable to love and life In haiku-like purity: Only freshly squeezed Separation is natural Shake well to enjoy! […]

To Sylvia Plath

Sleepwalking she prepared breakfast For her still dreaming children, before Breaking fast, to satisfy her appetite No fire needed, she […]

The Art of Storm-riding

I could not decipher the living riddle of my body Put it to sleep when it hungered, and overfed it […]


Tell me, have you found a sea Deep enough to swim in Deep enough to drown in Waters to engage […]


If there were more than one of me I’d shave my head and grow my beard I’d be a Doctor […]


Words are like days: Coloring books or pickpockets, Signposts or scratching posts, Fakirs over hot coals. Certain words must be […]