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All Is Well

Whate’er you dream, with doubt possessed, Keep, keep it snug within your breast, And lay you down and take your […]

The Thread of Truth

Truth is a golden thread, seen here and there In small bright specks upon the visible side Of our strange […]

In a Lecture Room

Away, haunt thou me not, Thou vain Philosophy! Little hast thou bestead, Save to perplex the head, And leave the […]

In A London Square

Put forth thy leaf, thou lofty plane, East wind and frost are safely gone; With zephyr mild and balmy rain […]

How In All Wonder

How in all wonder Columbus got over, That is a marvel to me, I protest, Cabot, and Raleigh too, that […]

Qua Cursum Ventus

As ships, becalmed at eve, that lay With canvas drooping, side by side, Two towers of sail at dawn of […]

The Last Decalogue

Thou shalt have one God only;-who Would be at the expense of two? No graven images may be Worshipped, except […]

In the Depths

It is not sweet content, be sure, That moves the nobler Muse to song, Yet when could truth come whole […]

Ah! Yet Consider it Again!

“Old things need not be therefore true,” O brother men, nor yet the new; Ah! still awhile the old thought […]

Through a Glass Darkly

What we, when face to face we see The Father of our souls, shall be, John tells us, doth not […]

Ye Flags of Picadilly

Ye flags of Piccadilly, Where I posted up and down, And wished myself so often Well away from you and […]

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