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The Castle

All through that summer at ease we lay, And daily from the turret wall We watched the mowers in the […]

The Combat

It was not meant for human eyes, That combat on the shabby patch Of clods and trampled turf that lies […]

In Love For Long

I’ve been in love for long With what I cannot tell And will contrive a song For the intangible That […]

The Child Dying

Unfriendly friendly universe, I pack your stars into my purse, And bid you so farewell. That I can leave you, […]

Scotland's Winter

Now the ice lays its smooth claws on the sill, The sun looks from the hill Helmed in his winter […]

The Incarnate One

The windless northern surge, the sea-gull’s scream, And Calvin’s kirk crowning the barren brae. I think of Giotto the Tuscan […]


The rivulet-loving wanderer Abraham Through waterless wastes tracing his fields of pasture Led his Chaldean herds and fattening flocks With […]

The Fathers

Our fathers all were poor, Poorer our fathers’ fathers; Beyond, we dare not look. We, the sons, keep store Of […]

Scotland 1941

We were a tribe, a family, a people. Wallace and Bruce guard now a painted field, And all may read […]

The Animals

They do not live in the world, Are not in time and space. From birth to death hurled No word […]

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