English poetry

Poems in English


There are no lies In the morning No cheating of age An illusion of eye Smoothing skin over bone. No […]

Sailing Barges off Southend

Drifting on a tide from long ago, They swing at anchor silently Wreathed in early morning mist, Like ghosts grown […]

Luna Lake Haiku

New moon on the lake. Your voice and the nightingale Serenade springtime. Full moon on the lake. Your voice and […]

String Bass

Some like to dominate, Others caress A voluptuous rhythm On pliant strings. This pulse drives life Through wanton counterpoint, The […]

The Tenor Man

Pottering around the stage, A hyperactive ancient in his own backyard – Independent of the band it seems. Disrhythmic shuffling […]

Walking on the Estuary Hill

The curlew and the heron call, The hissing mud and whispering wings Beat eery through the idle air Until the […]

Bluenote Time

in the soft jazz and midnight hour Your eyes are dancing close to mine A sway of hips, a touch […]